Window Tint Protects Your Biggest Investment: Your Home

Over time, the sun’s relentless heat, continuous glare and harmful UV rays can fade your interior furnishings, fabrics, valuable artwork and even flooring. The sun can also damage your skin and cause eyestrain, not to mention make it hard to watch the big game on TV!

The advantages of having your windows tinted by Best Solar Control Inc. range from cooler indoor temperatures to reduced wear and tear. Your investment in window film will pay off in the form of lower air conditioning and heating costs, and protection against costly fading. What’s more, certain types of window film can hold shards of broken glass together in the event of an accident, vandalism or break-in.

We’ve been doing this for more than 30 years, so we can answer all your questions and discuss the pros and cons of various glass coating options. We’ll be happy to come to your home, look at your windows and provide a detailed estimate for solar window film and/or solar shade inserts. We take pride in our work and guarantee all of our solar films.

Note that, in some cases, the government provides federal tax credit for homeowners who add certain types of energy efficient window film. Ask your tax adviser for details about your current situation.

Mountain View Windows with Tinting

5 Reasons You Need Window Film

#1 — To protect your furniture and valuables.

#2 — To increase your privacy.

#3 — To block the sun’s damaging UV rays.

#4 — To increase your energy savings.

#5 — To reduce glare and eyestrain.

We Treat Your Home Like Our Home

We respect all of our customers’ homes and places of business. That means we show up on time, work carefully and always clean up. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

The Benefits of Residential Window Tinting

Don’t replace your windows — call Best Solar Control Inc. to install quality window tint instead. When you do, you’ll enjoy all these benefits:

Enhanced Beauty

Bright, natural sunlight makes for a more inviting home. Showcase those big, beautiful windows instead of covering them up with unsightly blinds or curtains.

Reduced Fading

Tinting your windows protects your artwork, furnishings, carpet and wood floors from the damaging effects of UV rays. Plus reduced glare will let you watch TV easier or look at your computer screen without squinting.

Better Health

Window tint does not collect dust, dirt and allergens the way that drapes, sheers and blinds do. Plus solar film blocks harmful UV rays that cause premature aging, skin cancer and other health issues.

Improved Security

Certain window films provide an extra layer of protection for your home and family by making your windows shatter proof and harder to break in cases of natural disasters or break-ins.

Energy savings

According to the EPA, one-third of an average home’s utility bills are spent on heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer through untreated windows. Highly efficient window film lets the light in but keeps the heat and UV rays out. Less heat from the sun equals lower air conditioning and energy bills.


Residential Window Tinting Installation