Keep Your Staff Happy by Avoiding the Thermostat Wars

Today’s office buildings and retail stores often incorporate large numbers of windows in their architecture. But all those beautiful views come at a cost — heat, glare and UV fading, for example. Heating and air conditioning imbalances are often created between the heat-bearing windows on the south and west sides of a building and the cooler ones on the shadier sides.

Window film can ease the east/west tensions and help to balance out the thermostat wars in commercial buildings. In addition to evening out cooling and heating loads, window film and solar coverings provide some distinct benefits in commercial settings:

  • Sensitive Equipment — Window tint can be helpful in situations where equipment may need protection from overheating.
  • Computer Glare — Staff can work more comfortably without having to squint in order to read their computer screens.
  • Privacy — Window film can also solve privacy issues. Your tenants or employees will be happier and more content.
  • Aesthetics — Solar films can greatly enhance the outside appearance of your building by creating a clean, uniform look to the windows with reduced glare.
  • Security — Specialized security window film creates a 4- to 12-mil protective membrane on the inside of the glass, which provides enhanced safety in case of glass breakage and security against theft. This is especially smart for schools and educational institutions, as well as banks, restaurants, offices and public buildings.
commercial building with window tint
In most commercial applications, business owners see a total return on their investment within half of the warranty period of the film — thanks to reduced cooling loads.
Broken Glass Window
Window film protects against burglary and vandalism, and protects people and property from flying glass in the case of impact.

Addressing Business's Concerns

Commercial window tinting addresses building owners’ concerns about glare, heat build-up and high energy costs.